Sunday, August 10, 2014

summer vacay part 2: well actually part uno

 pdubs has always wanted to surprise the kids with a trip.
he loves surprises. 
me, not so much.
i like small, easy, private surprises.
like... surprise! i got a sitter lined up for tonight and i'm taking you on a date.
or surprise! i got you this chocolate or whatever.
you catch my drift?
nothing that involves other people or expected responses.
like surprise parties, trips, plans with people, clothing, etc. etc.

he/we decided to surprise the kids by picking them up at school on the last day, with the car already packed, and drive straight to the beach.

apparently most of the kids are like him, but one wasn't so pumped.

when turned onto the freeway indicating that were indeed not heading home,
they chilren started asking where we were going.

he delivered the line he has always wanted to say...

we are going to the beach!

wahoo!!! yay!!!! 

5, well 4 'cause the baby doesn't cheer yet, cheers and fist pumps and squeals of delight
filled the car.
but sadly one of the little angels was not so happy with this sudden plan change.
she cried and cried an cried and pleaded to go home.
we felt bad but then started to feel mad.

we kept our cool and waited for the storm to pass... and it did.

getting thru the toddler temper tantrum phase is nothing people. nothing i tell you.
just wait.

when we finally arrived at our destination, we had 6 very excited and happy and thankful kids.

we were only there 2 nights and pdubs found a great deal on a hotel on the bay.

it's kinda tight for 8 people in 1 hotel room, but we made it work.
that's how family memories are made, right?

we spent one day on coronado beach. 

i swear they did this on their own... i couldn't believe it.
but then i did believe it when i saw the one on the right trying her hardest to pull the whole group over. then the one in the middle trying to compensate the sudden balance shift by yanking the hands on either side as hard as she could.
luckily they were quickly distracted by some crabs
before anything or anyone went down.

baby J loved his first toe dip in the ocean.

this was right outside our hotel door. it was perfect for families. the kids were able to spread out a little and not be trapped in the room the whole time.

they finally rode the rollercoaster on the last day.
they were 2 for 2. 
2 loved it
& 2 hated it.


Anonymous said...

I;ve noticed p doing things like are surprises, he is so thoughtful. what a wonderful surprise for the kids, little r looks so much like his father, and so cute and happy.

Anonymous said...

love the group shot.