Friday, August 8, 2014

coffee date

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i'm linkin' on up for a coffee date....

highs this week: it was a big one. BACK TO SCHOOL! i absolutely can not believe it, but i have a highschooler, a 7th grader, a 4th grader & a 2nd grader.

all the kids were up and ready to go. their enthusiasm about waking up early dwindled as the week went on. L seems to be adjusting to her new school and jr, high beautifully. it also seems to be working out for the best having them at school together. S helps L with latin and feeling confident in a new situation and L seems to be a good example to S in the ways of being organized and using time efficiently. one week down.... let's see how next week goes.

my 2 sweet friends and i established a tradition 10 years ago, having coffee on the first day that our girls started kindergarten. i love this tradition and i love that we have kept it up! we joked about having mimosas, the first coffee, 10 years ago, turned into breakfast which turned into mimosas which turned into time pick up the kids ... it was half day kindergarten, so those hours just flew by. but as the kids got older, our lives became busier, and the day drinking became less possible... haha. we planned to be spontaneous and have mimosas on our coffee date in 4 years when the girls start college!! yikes!!!

love these ladies so much....

 we took a little evening bike ride to burn off steam from the first day of school...

and i think R is happy having the house back to himself. well and the baby too. we have been reading, building, coloring, playing hide & seek, having quiet nap times for the baby (praise the lord.) don't get me wrong, i love my big loud family full of life, making the walls shake with mostly usually happy sounds, but it is nice to have some peace & quiet too... for a few hours anyway.

and mr. R starts his preschool this week too. he has an hour of meet the teacher this morning. he is in the same class with his cousin and bff. it's gonna be a wild boy class this year.

lows this week: we have already been to the pediatrician this week for 2 kids. well 1 that i made an appt for, the other i just pleaded for a quick peek into his ears. D had an intense tummy ache & a rash covering her whole body. and J had been crying and not sleeping every night. i figured he had an ear infection, but his ears looked perfect. so bummed. i hate having them cry it out at night, but this no sleep thing can make us all crazy. so we started the whole sleep solution thing again last night. it really sucks. but after several nights up feeding him and holding and rocking and still having him cry... i know he really just needs sleep to feel better. i only had to go in 3 times before he finally went back to sleep. i waited 5 min, 7 min & 10 min, reassuring him & rubbing his back and low and behold he finally laid his head down and went to sleep.
D seemed to be fine, we figured that her body was fighting off a little virus & the heat and sun & sweat from her soccer practices that started this week were causing the rash to intensify. she's pushing thru :)

stressing about house stuff. it's ripped apart and i'm not sure how it's all going to come back together. when things are so chaotic, it's kind of hard to know where to even start. i'm sure once we start getting thru this sleep deprivation and get some rest under our belts, things will look a little clearer. we have someone coming today (i hope they show up) to fix the drywall.

stressing about money stuff. the beginning of the school year is always so expensive. fees coming out our ears. plus with the house repairs... man oh man is it expensive to live.

special prayer intentions this week:
my friend kellie,
friends with sick kids,
world peace,
anyone suffering be it mentally, physically or spiritually,
safety for my mom, she's on another crazy fun adventure,
& my grandpa's upcoming 90th birthday.


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading all of your summer and back to school blogs, Nellie. such nice vacations, and the pics were all great. so sorry you've been missing sleep. love you all.

Anonymous said...

i bet the house is so quiet. weirdly quiet.

Love, Mindy said...

one of the very best traditions i have! xoxo

Jenna Guizar said...

This was awesome. Thanks for the peek, friend. I'm so sorry about the house issues, I had no idea :( I hope that Miguel made it over to take a look at it (or someone!). And I bet the house will be SO crazy quiet when Rex is in school! That will be nuts. Such a special time for little man. I hope that the new sleep program is going well. Praying for you to get some shut eye :)

And seriously, the news in the world breaks my heart. Thank you for adding the prayer intentions. That's a beautiful touch.


Jenna Griffin said...

I love the tradition y'all have to get coffee/mimosas/breakfast on the first day of school with your friends. I will have to remember that when I have kids!

Have a wonderful week!