Monday, May 26, 2014

a little catch up, according to paul's iPhone

it's been a while since i have updated. as i was scrolling through some pics, laughing. i thought 
i would just upload the pictures as they are instead of trying to make things look coordinated and planned out…. as our life is so not.

my little almost, gulp, 1 yr. old is quite the nurser. i have never had a child that liked to nurse so much. all of my other little angels were weaning themselves at this point, but this little guy eats every 3 hours like a newborn. here are some not so flattering but funny pics of this little babe…

these guys were out working hard in the backyard this day. P was taking apart my stage to use for other projects and little R… i think he was collecting the screws…. in the nude.

little S had an end of the year play. she was an alien. it was actually quite funny. some of the scenes were in slo-mo & set to music.

here are some rules for little S's class… pretty good.

i went out of town for mother's day & pdubs found all kinds of fun things to do with the kids. they are at a trampoline place here.

L making pancakes.

kids getting a red card…. uh-oh.

in & out burger… yummmm

little R turned 4!!!!!

a delicious din din

this is the prayer at R's school.

R & dad at the last day of school party.

tools for our anniversary dinner.

at an exploring college options with our…. gulp, 9th grader!?!?!?

a recent trip to san diego.

 baby on the beach

baby eating finger food

kids very upset that there were not any children's' life jackets

one of these things was doing her own thing…..

 some yucky smelly potatoes we over paid for at whole foods

kids were in charge of taking pics of dada's soccer game….

a front yard celebration for R's 4th birthday and my 29th (again) birthday

and that's that


The Richardson's said...

Fun times.

rotner ramblings said...

i love you for being real.