Thursday, May 29, 2014

a little catch up… according to my iPhone

 a few months ago i got a package delivered from my grandma

that's always a real treat.

this package, however, ended up being from my


it was wrapped up so perfectly.

 bubble wrapped and fitted just right into a box he constructed himself 

out of old boxes.

i couldn't wait to see what was inside.

i found a letter addressed to me from him.

my first letter from him i do believe.

it was short and sweet and to the point.

and a few other details he needed to jot down afterwards.

he had asked my aunt to help him type it

but knew exactly what he wanted to say.

it made me tear up a little, getting this letter from my grandpa.

he is 90 years old.

it was a little wooden doll bed he made for the girls' dolls.

we put it together per the instructions

and the girls got right to playing with it.

what a treasure.

in other news, paul got to go to london for his birthday. he had a fabulous time

going to chelsea soccer games

and watching soccer games

and soccer soccer soccer.

he came home with soccer garb for the kids

and lots of presents. for most people.

he was super excited about his stamford bridge coffee mug

but then said he got it for me.


anyway here are the boys all dressed up in

chelsea head to toe. {the baby has socks but it isn't pictured}

speaking of soccer, the kids finished up another season.

R, S & i spent many hours watching and waiting on the fields.

R was not as into it as we had expected, but sure was cute in his uniform.

L & D, man can they play. every time they got a goal

i felt on top of the world proud of them.

so exciting.

S getting creative during one of her siblings games….

my little niece turned 2 and my sis thru her the cutest party

circus themed.

she had candy peanuts, tickets, glitter,

circus animals, cotton candy, punch balloons,

& popcorn.

so adorable.

we did her 2 year pics at a carnival just to stick with the theme.

love those little tippy toes

my little 8th grader was in her school play

pirates of penzance.

it was hilarious and she was so into it.

she was a bobby, as were the rest of the 8th graders,

despite wanting a starring role.

she said she really played her part up with extra eye movements and such.

and then there was another Easter.

it was a beautiful day, with a lot of driving around, which can sometimes 

suck the holiness out of the day with all those

hours in the car and lost naps,

but it wasn't too bad.

the easter baskets had homemade cookies and homemade gift cards,

to stick that lenten promise of no shopping out.

 we took some annual family photos at church

which are usually hilarious.

my mom really liked these of her and her babies.

my babies...

and lots of cousins pics.

didn't get a good one

because they were all moving around

and little S crossed her eyes in every single one.

after church cousins Easter brunch.

wild times.

after the brunch the kids were invited to spend some time on their other grandparents farm.

which they love to go to.

it was a lovely day.

let's see….

the kids all successfully had their end of the year trips.

L went to crow canyon for a week in colorado.

D went to camp tontozona in payson.

and little S went to camp surf in california.

and big S got to stay here and study for finals.

montesorri vs. prep school

our usual weekly trip to costco

results in the cart looking like this….

in other big news…

R started riding his bike without training wheels!

i was so excited about this.

the girls started riding at age 5

but this was new to have a 3 yr. old zipping around!

he felt so proud and free.

we finally started transforming our basement from 

a pink girls playroom

to accommodate our changed dual gender family.

now that we have boys, we needed to back off on all the pink.

and now that the girls are getting older, we wanted to have a room that everyone could enjoy.

it's coming along… just need to fill that wall behind the couch.

my nephew had an adorable 4 yr. old duck dynasty birthday party.

everyone enjoyed wearing the beard at one point or another.

my sister is so creative.

i had a birthday :)

paully had to work, so my little companion & i

had birthday pedicures, breakfasts, lunches, cookies etc.

he's a cute date so i didn't mind.

pubs did take me the next day to a waffle truck i've been dying to try.

we hunted that thing down, which was no easy feat,

and ordered waffles galore.

so so so so {one for each waffle}


oh and we celebrated another anniversary.

16 years of marital bliss.

{most of the time anyway}

i love the way we are smiling at each other in this pic.

so excited to start our life together.

so innocent.

no idea of what lies ahead.

but we did it

and i would do it again

in a heartbeat.


Anna Kate said...

Holy Lord your Costco cart photo. Your life is amazing to me! With just the one baby I'm working on keeping our food budget under $100 a week (not easy) but I can't imagine what yours looks like! Ohhhh I want a million more babies! ;)

Anonymous said...


The Richardson's said...

You guys are fun.

Anonymous said...

awww, love it, nell.

susiek said...

Love the last line

"In a heartbeat."

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

You are one of my three favorite people in the world! I just love reading about your life and love all the photos and everyone in them. BAAABY