Friday, April 4, 2014


my baby boy is 9 months.

9 months!

the time is just flying by.
he is such a JOY.

here are a few things about baby J @ 9 months of age:
he is always happy
99% of his pictures feature a giant smile
he is eating solids and hates baby food…baby led weaning
he just barely started sleeping through the night
he is crawling all over
he pulls up and cruises along furniture
he has "vampire" teeth

he has gotten an ear infection every time a tooth has popped through
(5 ear infections so far & usually double)
he is my only kid to have that many ear infections
he is my only kid to have vampire teeth
he has been wearing cloth diapers for nine months :)
he has a raspy little voice

oooh i love him. i think i'll go wake him up now.


SHINE said...

NEVER WAKE A BABY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is the most beautiful baby ever.

I want one.

Peace and Love said...

he's a keeper!

Dr Mom said...

Um I think you forgot to mention that he is really the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life… or at least in the top 6 cutest things! He is fabulous. Happy 9 months baby J