Monday, April 7, 2014


thinking about: my hubs. getting old. life. love. joys. struggles. heartbreak. thankfulness.

reading: love & respect. depending on what mood i'm in it's ok. i want to push thru it but it's really hard. there is some good/interesting info in there . . . but idk, kinda boring i guess.

listening to: the sound of pdubs playing with his boys outside on a blanket in this amazing weather. it's his 40th birthday today. he took the day off work and he wants to just hang out and relax.

AND the new ingrid michaelson cd. it is streaming for free today on iTunes. i LOVE her!

watching: catching up on all the modern family episodes. man oh man do i laugh out loud at that show. so funny. also watching a video we are making for our school's staff appreciation night. which lead in to digging thru old photos to find pics of teachers. which lead into a trip down memory lane. we have been at that school for 6 years. i love it.

thankful for: my husband! we celebrated his birthday yesterday doing his favorite thing. hanging out with friends and family in the park. we had tacos, cervezas and soccer. we were surrounded by wonderful friends and family. the weather was amazing. the tacos were delicious. the children were wild. fun was had by all.

the kids were VERY excited to make him his cake. they were VERY excited about how big it was and that they did it all on their own.

we couldn't get him away from the soccer game, so i sent all the kids out to go get him. they succeeded.

these were our talented cooks. i told them to smile. i was even telling them to get cheek to cheek… but they wouldn't crack a smile. until after i had taken the photo.

A Mama Collective


Kellie said...

Great pics! So bummed we missed the party :-( I am loving Modern Family reruns too! Just started watching this year and it kills me! So funny! I'm right there with you with the book...when I think about picking it up, it feels a little like purgatory. I thought reading should be relaxing?!

susiek said...

Happy birthday, Paul! You guys have the best parties! I have a landmark coming up - what shall I do??

Birgit Jones said...

What a fun day! You are truly blessed to have such an amazing abundance of family and friends!

SHINE said...

so bummed we missed the party!

but wait

we weren't invited

because we have never met

man, I need to move.....

Mary @ A Mama Collective said...

It was such a fun party. What a rich and beautiful life! So evident while looking around at the party. So grateful to be a part of it!

Anonymous said...

it was a great party. you're the best.

Love, Mindy said...

YAY!!! Happy birthday! Welcome to the 40's, bro W.!

Anonymous said...

What a great party.
Love that cake & all the candles.

Andrea said...

Visiting from the link-up! What a beautiful family you have. I felt the same way about the Love and Respect book. Thank goodness there is Modern Family though!! :) I love that show!!

Anonymous said...

your family is beautiful! looks like such a fun and loving party,s glad you and your family had a fabulous time!

Peace and Love said...

It was such a happy party - everyone was happy...the kids the grown ups...and the weather was breezy and warm...makes me think of the song....Happy..

Jenna Guizar said...

Where is the picture of you and brina?!

We had a blast, thank you for having us :) You guys rock.