Sunday, July 14, 2013


i don't know why i do this to myself every time...

i was just sure that i would be early with this delivery.

but nope.

not the case.

we did a lot of labor inducing activities over the last 1.5 months.

again, starting early because i was just so positive that it could happen at any moment.

lots of active yard play...

eating at pei wei : i went in to labor with D after eating there.

even my fortune at pei wei insinuated that it would be early. i mean doesn't that just scream

"your water will break tomorrow and you will have a fast labor"???


lots of drives. summer home school in the car. trying to stress myself into labor.
good times. 

my expensive labor inducing spray water.
smells heavenly... but no labor.

i'm not sure how many mall walks we took. i'll be happy if i never see that place again.
there really is no other place to walk in this hellish heat.

bumpy country drives.

S was scheduled for a trip... several days after the baby was due. of course the baby hadn't arrived by the time her trip date came along.
we got her a cell phone to pacify her.
it worked.
she's quite a funny little texter.

more swimming.

lots of cousin time.

a little car trouble. again. thinking stress would do the trick.

this was truly depressing for me. our beloved 4runner died.

it had brought home every one of our babies from the hospital.

here it is getting towed back to the mechanic from my sister's house.

the repairs are more than the car is worth :(

so sad.

however... new car buying is always fun.

meet paul's new gangster ride.

a black prius.

the amount we will save on gas every month makes the whole thing a wash.

so i guess thats good.

we also had a flat tire one day in the suburban.

never a dull moment around here.

so 4 new tires later... so not what i wanted to be spending $$ on.

sweet sweet neighbors feeling sorry for me, so they brought over dinner and dessert :)

i was pretty sure the acid reflux was going to kill me ... if the heat didn't.

one day there was an exciting diversion...

a full swat team in the neighborhood.

complete with ambulances and firetrucks.

it was quite exciting.

we think "maryjane" was involved.

another new expense... 2 in braces.

the office is really cool and i can't wait to see those shiny smiles for the next 2 years.

we took a trip to sprouts to find any sort of natural herbal labor inducing remedy.

but decided against the primrose & cohosh.

i had already done the castor oil twice and that was noted

as the most successful.

not for me.

the lovely temperature outside.

record highs.

not fun.

we even went to a reflexology massage.

we told them to focus on the ankles.

while it did not work either...

it was heavenly and so relaxing.


The Richardson's said...

All that work...

here is the plan for #7:

sit and relax. no labor inducing activities. just pedicures, massages and sleep. none of the remedies work anyways.


susiek said...

Let's hear about Part II, labor, birth and delivery!! And some pics of the long-awaited baby!

Both of my babies were 2 weeks late - each due on the 15th, each born on the 4th of the next month.

Love, Mindy said...

Ugh! I was getting so worried about you! But...that little bundle of joy...worth every bit! :)
What was the swat team all about?! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

yeah really!!! what happens next???

... said...

Those last few weeks are really such a bummer. Everyone's watching to see when you'll pop. The heat is insane. You can't see your feet. Small objects start orbiting your belly. Everything is annoying. And every twinge has you wondering if it's really time. I'm so sorry! Sending labor vibes your way. <3