Sunday, July 7, 2013

a bit of catch up... s's kindergarten graduation

my baby girl graduated from kindergarten.

she felt very important and enjoyed the beautiful ceremony.

she walked up on stage and received her diploma.

they sang songs and recited their favorite work.

we are going to miss her teachers... they are the sweetest
most amazing kindergarten teachers a child could have.

here is a sweet picture os all my angels enjoying the cake reception.

i'm not sure why D insisted on making that face. she made it in every picture.

she better watch that cake tho... looks like R was ready to swipe.

thank you ms. yoo-kyung & ms. danielle!

we love you!!


Anonymous said...

hahaha, that face is terrrrrrrrible.

rotner ramblings said...

----Oh and p.s., I had a baby.----

Peace and Love said...

I love the face....I hear I used to make faces like that when I was about her age.