Friday, August 19, 2011

phantom limp

today L had her 9 yr. well check at the pediatrician. she is growing perfectly and is a delightful child. she recently has become interested in crutches and breaking her leg.
a few months ago, another child she knows had crutches and she thought it was the coolest thing. she regularly asks for crutches and to break her leg.
today at the dr., she explained that around a week ago or maybe it was the night before, she couldn't remember, her leg cracked several times and pain was shooting up her leg from her foot when she walks. the dr. did a thorough hip and flexibility exam and said she looked really good. we were relieved.
while walking into school, she held my hand while dramatically limping across the parking lot. i asked her if she was ok and why was she all of a sudden limping. she explained that she really hurt her leg and doesn't think she will be able to join in p.e. today.


i felt bad and couldn't tell if she was really in pain. my instinct was telling me that she was just really trying to get out of p.e. and hoping for use of some school crutches for the day... but i wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.
i kissed her goodbye and she hobbled out the door to her class. i peeked out the window to watch her hobble across the courtyard, but just as she started to turn the corner... her stride returned back to normal.
i think we'll just take it easy this weekend and i'll have some cookies and an ice pack waiting for her when she gets home from school. she also mentioned that she really wants to go ice skating after school too tho.


christina said...

:)oh my stars.

Drama Queen said...

i wish i could get out of p.e.! hmmmm.....

The Richardson's said...

I hated pe too. It was dumb.

AND I always had a fascination with crutches too. I have no idea why.

funny kids

Kellie said...

What a funny story! I always wanted to use crutches too! I also was upset every time the dentist said I did NOT need braces and the eye doctor said my eyes were are so funny :)