Friday, August 5, 2011

last week of summer 2011.

well this week sure had it's highs and lows.

i heart my neighbors :) i am so grateful for them and their support and wisdom.
as we got in the mindset of returning to school, i found myself really trying to soak in these last few lazy days of summer.

i am going to miss slow, nude mornings.
i am going to miss the children spending many hours playing pretend (& fighting) in the basement. poor kit with her wonky eye. i think auntie sarah needs to get back over here to fix it. she's super good at stuff like that.
i am going to miss the children sitting around the computer for hours listening and then re-listening and then listening again to songs trying to memorize all the lines.

i love you like a love song baby.

i guess i'll even miss the panic calls to anyone who has a pool every afternoon around 4pm.



The Richardson's said... never came to my place to swim.

Drama Queen said...

yeah, 1st day waz fun, but i'll miss lounging at home!