Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry christmas

i hope you had a wonderful christmas. i enjoyed spending so much time with family and friends. the girls were excited about their participation in christmas eve mass. S and L did the first and second readings and all 3 big girls sang in the childrens choir. they did such a great job.
i was super surprised when i was awoken (at 5 am) and told there was a present from santa to me under the tree. it was a vintage schwinn cruiser. blue and awesome. it's a men's bike tho, so we may need to give that one to daddy and go to target to find mommy a vintage ladies cruiser :)
i am super excited to turn a new leaf for 2011. i am going to do a 30 cleanse from jan.1-feb.1
i have a 30 day weight shred video i am going to do everyday for 30 days. no sweets. mostly protein and fresh green veggies. and i am going to try to go for a bike ride with the kids at least 2x a week. i will document every 7 days and see how i feel at the end of my cleanse. hopefully i will feel great!!!

here are some phrases i am hoping i won't catch myself saying in 2011:

1. is that a cat outfit? take that off the baby!
2. whoever is doing this to the toilet... that is too much toilet paper!
3. no blankets on the kitchen floor!
4. where is my toothpaste?
5. did you use soap?
6. please tell me we have diapers somewhere!
7. please tell me that's not what i think it is!
8. go gets clothes on that are actually your size.
9. that is an outside voice. are we outside?
10. buckle up as soon as we get in the car... don't dilly dally!

and that's just 1 day.


The Richardson's said...

That is an intense cleanse!!! Maybe you should take a break for the night of the Suns game??? haha.

That is awesome! Glad you had such a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

You are perfect just the way you are!

Aunt Susie

drmom said...

I am scared to think of what the household would be like if you (nor I) didn't say those things!