Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh what a night...

i have to jot down these memories while they are still fresh in my mind.

1. pdubs' manager is in town and we needed to have a work/dinner. i was invited. babysitter. yeah!

2. the dinner was good. always a plus. however, i was feeling a little weird because i didn't have my wedding ring on. (it broke and is getting fixed.) ( don't know why, but i didn't ever realize or pay any attention to it until all of a sudden i didn't have it anymore)

3. after dinner, we went to ASU and visited some of pdubs' old practice rooms, bumped into a few old teachers, made a few random calls to old college friends, you know, the usual....

4. went to an old meeting spot, where we used to meet between classes.... yep. paully got down on one knee and proposed to me again. with a sparkly new re-tipped ring. i don't remember the last time it was cleaned. it looks so pretty.

5. got home to 4 sleeping children and the best babysitter ever. super- brainiac, beautiful, uber-motivated, the kind of teenager you can only hope for kind of babysitter ( i directly relate this to her superior previous babysitter while she was growing up~moi.)

6. she gave us the ultimate compliment..... she said "i hope you know your oldest daughter is going to be a brainiac". i melted at that point and didn't need to hear anymore.... however, i will share. she (the babysitter) is studying for her SATs. S decided she would sit down and try to figure out some of the problems. D (the babysitter) couldn't believe she logically thought out and solved a few problems. yeah! that montessori education is paying off!

7. i am super motivated to be as passionate as D. she is involved with a program
i really need to be better at this. she just got back from an international convention for the program and shared with me some of her experiences and ideas. this girl is going to go far. and i am so proud of her!!! she has all kinds of ideas and plans to raise awareness and funds for the cause. anyway, she talked a little about stopping the "r" word. i am going to sign off and go join the facebook group.


Love, Mindy said... sweet of that husband of yours!!! sounds like an awesome night!

Sarah said...

wow. and all i did was sit at home alone watching old reruns of friends and scrubs...

drmom said...

Oh I just love you two! Was this sitter the cute little gal I met at Old Knock?