Sunday, February 8, 2015


well golly. not much new has been going on around here. i spent a heck of a lot of time designing a new layout for my blog. not that you could tell, nothing that fancy, but i had to find & learn how to apply all kinds of new code & such. made me feel kinda smart for a minute. AND i saved at least $30 by making my own versus buying one :)

the children have all been busy. S & L are practicing hard for the school play in april. P has been pretty busy traveling and working and such. traveling for work that is. and playing soccer. i have still (which is huge for me) been working out. i actually miss it if i don't get to go. in fact if you would like to help me build my work-out clothing addiction, i encourage you to check out fabletics. if you use my code, i get a $10 credit. i'll be rich!!! i could wear work out clothes all day! oh wait, i already do that. anywho, try it out...

this little scmoopie participated in her first jiu jitsu tournament. she got a medal & second place for her age division! there were only two participants, but that's ok. we were proud of her for getting out there and doing it! she's so much braver than i ever was at her age.

this one is really into taking selfies lately, whenever she's not at play practice or doing homework that is. don't leave your phone around or you might find of of these gems on your photo roll.

the 3rd little flower has been working her little tail off at soccer. she almost always gets goals. and always super dramatic, boosting team morale, saving the day type of goals too. i'm usually hoarse & sore from jumping out of my chair when this happens.

#4 landed the female lead role in her school play. she worked super hard memorizing all her lines and was a natural in front of the audience. all her cousins and even her bff neighbor friend came to see her. she was on cloud nine.

R is jumping extra high and running extra fast these days. he learned to scale the backyard wall and is now experiencing all kinds of new freedom. he likes to go down the horse trails and collect citrus for me, always taking his light saber & bow and arrow for protection. he can also whip up one of these lego kits all by himself in around 15 min. he's a boy wonder.

and last but not least, this little lion man has been trying to talk, not really saying much except ruby, our dog's name... in a very deep voice, and go away. he says it with a big smile and everyone laughs, so i don't think he really means it. he also makes really goofy faces and raises his eyebrows and continues to smile for the camera, my only one who did this as a wee bae. (that's cool for babe... at least my tween thinks so)

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Dr. Mom said...

What's not to love about this update? Do the fitness clothes size right? I am wondering what size I would be. I LOVE that the first outfit is $25 - that is like costco prices for workout gear but way cuter. I may have to go to lunch instead.