Monday, October 21, 2013

milk fascinations...

after my baby boy was born

there seemed to be a lot of questions regarding 


why does the baby drink from your nipple?

why do you have milk in your nipple?

how does milk get into the refrigerator?

is that your milk or cows milk?

while playing with my squishy stomach my 3 rd. old says

"oh! i get it. your milk is in your stomach and then goes up and out of your nipple. i can feel all the milk here in your tummy!"

cute, but let's change the subject and focus from my tummy to a video about dairy farms.

we watched a few fascinating movies on my phone.

we wanted to be spontaneous

so i decided to pick up and head out to a local dairy farm.

we were not able to go into the milking stations, but we did get a hay ride, a lot of info., saw lots of farm animals and were even attacked, ok maybe threatened by lucy, the farm's aggressive goose.

get it? lucy goosey?

anyway, it was a fun hot summer day.


saphire54 said...

Oh, you make me laugh out loud!

SHINE said...

so I guess my milk was made in my thighs....