Thursday, September 26, 2013

life lately

a few major thoughts as of late:

1. level 165 in candy crush is killing me

2. i CANNOT get enough peaches

3. i am super glad my mom is home

4. i am super glad to have plans to GET OUTTA TOWN!

5. what kind of parent do i wanna be/what are the bottom line lessons i want to teach my children

a few major {ok not really major, but what was on my iphone} pictures as of late:

 chop shop. new fav eatery. i want to replicate the decor in my house/yard.

getting new countertops. many trips to the stone yards.

was given the best bday present ever... tickets to see fun.
and that it was.
 bumped into some cute friends in the lobby.

umm... cute.

saturday chores

10 puppies are a lot of work

beautiful skies lately.

little baby J is happy that noni is back too.


The Richardson's said...

Those are some pretty deep thoughts.

Here is the only thing I want to teach my kids:

to be kind.

I think that if they know that- everything else will fall into place.

and what is this new food place?? I have never heard of it and I want to go!!!!!!!

and where are you going out of town??? Can I come???

Kellie said...

I'm so happy you passed 125! I'm on 161 too...dumb chocolates! So excited to see your countertops! You are a FABULOUS mom and I admire your family so much!


holy perfect baby
in most adorable onesie
i want your baby

and counter tops

but mostly the baby

~M said...

Your baby is so perfect! He is adorable!