Tuesday, December 11, 2012

december blues

ruby finally had her puppies on dec. 8, 2012.

it was a very eventful weekend. my family was just arriving for a big dinner when we noticed ruby acting a little strange. we assumed she would go in to labor in the middle of the night, when the house was quiet. but no, it happened at the craziest loudest time of day. it was just like when we helped deliver patches patches the wonder cats kittens right in the middle of the hallway when i was young. old pro. paully jumped right into dr. mode with rubber gloves and all. i think he was a little excited. after a few hours, she had 7 healthy puppies.

that night was not so fun. the puppies cried all night. we had NO sleep.

the next night was much better.

monday morning rolled around and i snuck big S out early for some dunkin donuts & and early school arrival time. while in the drive thru, i got a call that our carpool was sick & wouldn't be attending school. so i needed to get back home to do another round of school drop off.

i got home, loaded round two of kids in the car, and hit up dunkin donuts again. pulled up to the pick up line & forgot that i had switched cars and did not move my purse. no money.

the guy gave us the donuts anyway. the kids were in awe. donuts for free???!! yay!!

winning? maybe.

they came home from school & D was feeling a little under the weather. didn't think much of it. just fed, cleaned, got her warm & put a nice movie on. she'd be fine.

noni stopped by & somehow got roped into bbsitting for the night. we got a text later that D had thrown up. uh-oh.

we headed home & checked on her. she got up and puked again. we tried to calm her down & get to sleep..... another child stumbled in the room holding her tummy..... " i don't feel good"......


they continued to take turns barfing & running to the bathroom (for the other end) all night. intertwined with barking dogs needing to be let out & crying puppies.

another night of NO SLEEP.

"woke up" and got the kids settled. dropped two kids off at school..... not an hour later got a call that one of the said children was sitting in the front office with a garbage can in her lap.


3 kids home from school. a tornado toddler with a pretty major runny nose very excited that "the sisters" are home for him to torment.

i am praying that we get some sleep tonite. praying.


Kellie said...

Wow! That's quite a weekend! Hope all the sickies go away soon :) I want to see pics of the puppies!

... said...

Sorry I'm late to the party - I was trying to catch up on sleep, too. Has the puking stopped yet? :)

Anonymous said...

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