Thursday, June 7, 2012

summer summer time

last day of school: hooray!!

crazy day, dress as a character day & wear your jammies to school day


free slurpies at 7eleven day!!!!

and the lazy days of summer are well on their way.

sleeping in. camps. movies. swimming.

here is what we've been up to thus far:

a little summer wedding in the makings.....

a quick camping trip.... in which daddy immediately listed the pop up on craigslist when we got home

homemade flax meal pancakes & organic blueberries. y.u.m. 

note the peonies in the back? trader joes.

 nothing beats a summer dinner club. 

the theme: no theme.

just grilled steaks, green beans & sweet potatoes

 and a chocolate cake of course.

this may be my favorite sight ever.

pdubs entering the car with sandwiches & sodas from my

FAV place EVA.

took the chillens to some delicious old fashioned ice cream...

baby R chillin in a vintage rocket toy.

L organizing all of her precious horses....

R wearing daddy's chelsea hat...
 uh oh... how did these two get in here??? don't they look like a cute old couple???



susiek said...

YES, I noticed the peonies right away. Love peonies too. R getting so big! Love the rocket ship. Enjoy!

Kellie said...

What's the recipe for flaxmeal pancakes? They look yummy!

Laura said...

TJ's has the best flowers. And peonies are my favorite.

I have decided to move to your state, be your best friend, and join you in all of your fun. Hope that's okay and not at all creepy.

Michelle said...

Pancake recipe por favor?