Sunday, July 18, 2010

catching up....

although not an original phrase, when i was reminded of keep calm and carry on, i just knew that had to be the name. it is something i think everyday and fits our life just perfectly for now. that's the fun thing about blogging... these things can change.

speaking of changing, little S no longer takes a nap during the day. she hasn't for awhile. but, if we have had a very busy morning, we find her like this somewhere around the house. we have several pics just like this. unfortunately, they are usually taken around 4 or 5 pm, which is never good. so, she gets awoken rather quickly.

this little one is growing too fast. he is 9 weeks already! even tho he is colicky (i think), very sensitive to dairy, has a blood-curdling scream and pees all over the place.... we are still nuts about him. he is smiling and cooing all the time and loves to engage people. he will just stare at them, smile and then tell lots of stories. the dr. says he's advanced. not surprising since all of my children have been geniuses. :)... and then he will start to cry like, i personally, have never heard.
L and D had cheer camp a few weeks ago. they were adorable.
one of my FAV things last month was a little get away to napa valley. just me and paul..... and baby R :)
my dear auntie and uncle hosted us the first night. their house is so perfect, antiques everywhere. and they served the best salmon i have ever R got lots of attention and was so good on the plane. he's an angel.
while we were away, the girls attended camp papagoo. which is an annual camp my in-laws put on for their grandkids ages 3 and up. that included little S this year... so we were outta here!!!

they have tons of fun, sleeping in tents and activity packed days.
it was a jungle theme this year.
we missed them but were so glad to have a break and get out of this HEAT!!!!


Yvette said...

I love it!!! I love the whole look! The pictures are perfect! you are good!

Peace and Love said...

great name!

Love, Mindy said...

perfect name my dear! love all the pics too!

Lorie said...

GREAT name! Something we all need to be reminded of. I will be when I read your blog. :)

LOVE your new pics & layout.

Baby looks much bigger in these new pics. Oh, baby R...please don't grow too fast! :)

Jenna said...

i love the phrase! Total Mormon phrase, are you sure you are Catholic? Lol! I love that you have 5 kids! A lot of people frown on big families, especially here and I think that it is awesome! Little R is so cute, so are the girls. We are coming down in August and also in December. We should get the families together then. I was bummed I missed you when you were here.

ang's little divas said...
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ang's little divas said...

it's the perfect name Nellie-great photos too :)

sis said...

Looks like some fabulous fun! Love all the pics...your family is beautiful!