Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 important things...better late than never

1. S turned 3!!!! (back in november, i'm a little late posting)
she wanted a strawberry shortcake birthday. auntie sar made her a cake that looked like strawberry's hat. it was adowable.
she wanted to wear the special dress that D wore for her birthday. and she also wanted to do her own hair...
we played "pin the diamond on strawberry's tiara". the big girls were trying to put the diamonds over strawberry's mouth and eyes. we then said you have to be 4 or under to play the game. they just laughed and went back to eating strawberries and drinking pink milk.
it was a great party and i can't believe my baby is 3!

the other important thing.....

2. our beloved dog Koda passed away 9-14-2009. he was almost 13. it was so sad. we knew he was getting close, we even joked about it, but when it came down to it... it was heartbreaking. i miss him so much.

here i am at 19 when i got him. paul and i drove all the way to winslow to get him.
my bow obsession started early. good thing i have girls. (poor koda was a boy and i still had bows for him)

his cousin is the white husky on the cover of the movie iron will. yeah he was famous.... well, his cousin was anyway.
he always cleaned S's hands and the floor.... until he got too old and wouldn't come off of the carpet anymore.
we miss you buddy! i forgive you for the million times you ran away, the hundreds of $$$ we spent freeing you from jail, the pound, legal courts, kidnappers, etc., attacking city workers (defending noni), getting put in the back of cop cars, etc. etc. there may have been a few more examples but who's counting...
i love how you used to say "rauuullll"
i love how you used to "mush" thru the snow
i love how you played/put up with the kids even up until the end

RIP koda. 12-25-1997 to 9-14-2009


Yvette said...

ahhh... that was so sweet. I remembered you said you would post something about him. He was beautiful.

Love, Mindy said...

what a great post. reminded me of marley and me! adn look at you at 19!!! s is the spittin' image of you!

The Richardson's said...

OH I agree with Mindy- S looks like you so look like a baby in that picture.

girl birthdays are so cute.

sorry again about your pup. he was pretty awesome

Lorie said...

Oh how sad about your dog. It brought me to tears! Happy Belated Birthday to S. I can't believe they are 3 now! It seems like we just had our S's.:)