Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what am i gonna do with this child??

one of my sweet angels, not naming any names,

is having an awfully hard time in the whining department this summer. she might be voted #1 whining queen for the last 3 weeks. she has been hot or cold since the day she was born. she is either the easiest, sweetest child you have ever been with, or... the opposite. usually she is very good, but for some reason, this has not been her summer. so this morning, after getting in trouble for whining appx. 2 min. after leaving a special summer movie at the theater, she was sent to her room as soon as we got home. her father came up with some "work" for her.

i was soon presented with this....

deal, mom? what is that about? i had to laugh though. i am pretty sure her heart was in the right place. how could i be mad after those promising words and beautiful pictures.

p.s. i think we'll go out for some ice cream tonight.


Sarah said...

so cute. (the letter- not the whining)

hope she follows through!

BikerBeth said...

I think she meant, "dear mom".

She reminds me a darling little girl I used to know ... who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forhead, and when she was good.....


Lorie said...

Cute pic of L. I didn't know that there was a book about whining. Good to know. I think girls can be whiners and boys can be wild. I guess that is how the phrase drama queen came about.

Chris said...

Please send that girl my way. We seem to loose the whines along the way...xoxo